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Memorial Coin
Memorial Coin
Memorial Coin
Memorial Coin
Memorial Coin
Memorial Coin
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Memorial Coin

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Introducing the Memorial Coin by Audiobiography. The best way for your customers to ornate loved ones monuments. Our weather/abuse/life proof  Memorial Coin is stamped out of a metal allow, each one is completely unique, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. 


How Memorial works for your customers:

Once they purchase a Memorial Coin they simply scan the code on the coin using their phones camera. No app is required. This will begin the setup process where they can assign a name, dates, owners and more (the setup process is super simple and we walk them through every step)

Customers can then add their own content, or share a link so others can contribute as well. Memorial is like an tribute wall, only much more accessible, sharable and personal.

Content that can be added includes:

  • obituary
  • name
  • important dates 

Anyone adding a new memory or tribute can add the following:

  • Unlimited pictures
  • Unlimited embedded videos
  • Unlimited audio recordings
  • Unlimited written stories and tributes

There are no ongoing fees, content can be downloaded at any time, and multiple coins can be linked together if they want to keep one on a headstone and another in their home or similar.


How memorial works for you:

You can buy as little as one, or get discounts when you buy in quantities of 6. Each coin comes pre-packaged and ready to be sold. We recommend selling them at $155 (we sell on our own site for $160). Shipping is always free. You can customize the coin with your own branding if you order 100 or more.

When a customer is ready to purchase a Memorial Coin, they can either take the coin with them, or open and scan it to gain access while you embed the coin into a headstone. Once it has been scanned they can add content and share it as if it were already on the stone without needing the physical coin. 

For more information, please reach out.

(801) 477-7420

Here is a actual Memorial in use to get a feel of what this will look like for a customer.


On your first purchase we will also send you a free Display Kit you can put in your store to help customers learn about Audiobiography. Each kit includes a Memorial Coin that has been linked to a demo memorial, brochures, and a display that holds everything together. You can order more brochures or another display kit for free at any time. 


How is Memorial installed?

Every coin comes with permanent outdoor adhesive already applied to the back, and a small cleaning towel. Simply clean the location where you'll place the coin, peel the backing from the adhesive, and press the coin into place. Hold for at least 30 seconds to form a bond. We recommend also applying clear silicone around the edges of the coin. 

Memorial looks even more beautiful inlaid into the stone. The coin is 2" round and ⅛" thick. Similar to any standard Challenge Coin. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This is so great

This is so great. Thank you so much. It seems like such a great product and I look forward to creating the site and adding to it so my young kids can get to know their Dad as they grow up.

Lacy B.
This was a big priority for my family

This was a big priority for my family. My children are very young and we are using it for their father’s headstone. I appreciate being able to bring some life and light to an otherwise sad place for them! Thank you for this product. - Lacy

Apple User on Etsy Store
I absolutely had to have this for my daughter’s Headstone

I came across this and I’ve never seen or heard anything about anything like this, until I seen it and I absolutely had to have this for my daughter’s Headstone, I absolutely love this so much and can’t wait to place it for her and all her friends and family to see and be able to share their memories of her . This is the greatest idea anybody could have came up with. It’s definitely great quality and it shipped out really fast. Got it within a few days. Thank you to the people who came up with this idea for our loved ones.

Excited to Showcase Memorial

I am excited to showcase these for our monuments. It is a great idea, especially with the vast majority of social media users nowadays 😊

Kalen Thomas
Younger brother

I purchased a Memorial QR Tile for my younger brother who passed away this last year. The tile was easy to set up and we've already uploaded some content. I was able to give access to my parents and siblings so that they can all add content and make edits. We've been really happy with it so far and I think it will make a nice addition to his monument.

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