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How do I get a display kit?

Display kits come with your first order and there's no minimum order qty. Our display kits are beautiful and super useful. They come with a variety of styles which snap on and off for customers to hold and place on their monument to create the perfect match. And scanning any tile or one of our free brochures leads customers to a free trial so they can begin creating their loved one's Memorial page immediately. 


Girl holding display kit


Can I get more than one display kit?

Yes. You can get a free display kit for every location or showroom.  

Can I get more marketing brochures? Are they free?

Yes and Yes! Email support@audiobiography.com and let us know what address we should ship to. We'll get a fresh batch of brochures headed your way. Customers can not only read about Memorial from our brochure, but also scan the picture with their phone camera to learn more and start a free trial. Here's what our brochures look like front and back. 


A picture of the front of the Memorial marketing brochure


A picture of the back of the Memorial marketing brochure


What's the minimum order quantity?

One! And shipping is always free regardless of order size. Price gets better with volume, but you can order one at a time as customers purchase from you. 


How is Memorial installed?

Memorial installs in one of two ways.

1) Installing on a stone without recessing

Every Memorial comes with Gorilla's permanent outdoor adhesive already applied to the back. It also comes with a cleaning wipe. Simply clean the stone where Memorial will be attached, thoroughly dry, peel the backing from the outdoor bond, and press into place, holding for 30-60 seconds. Then best practice is to run a bead of clear silicone around the edges.

2) Recessing

Memorial looks beautiful recessed into the stone. Our porcelain options require a very modest recess. Our acrylic options are thicker, and require a deeper recess (typically recessing even a third or half the depth looks great). 


Here's Memorial installed on a double headstone with a recess:

Headstone showing Memorial installed with a recess, front view

Headstone showing Memorial installed, side view.  


How does the lifetime guarantee work?

We guarantee the Memorial tile for life. If it becomes damaged, turns up missing, or anything in between, we'll replace it for free. 


How long does customization take?

Plan on about five weeks to receive your custom order. 


Can I return my custom order?

We accept returns of custom orders only if there's a problem with workmanship (which is unlikely given our QA process prior to shipment). We work hard to provide good artwork before any custom order is produced so you get exactly what you expect.


Can I exchange for other styles or colors?

Yes. If you've ordered any of our standard product without customization, you can exchange or return anything. You can order with confidence, see what sells, and exchange for the items that are the best fit for your market / customer base. Having said that, we seen a fairly even distribution of sales across all styles 👍.


Am I involved in any of the technology setup, etc?

No. The customer does everything 😅. 


Can I walk through the setup process myself? 

Yes, and we think you should! Scan the brochure or any of your samples on the display kit with your phone camera to start a free trial. Starting a free trial is identical to the setup process outside of the free trial. The only difference with the free trial is that it is unlinked from a permanent tile. 


How do I link the free trial to a permanent tile? 

A free trial can be converted to a permanent tile at any time by scanning the permanent tile you want to link it to. Assuming you're still logged into the Audiobiography account that holds the free trial, we'll recognize automatically that a free trial is in progress and ask if you'd like to link it to the scanned tile. Simply proceed and the free trial is converted to the permanent tile. It's all very easy! 


What happens if the customer doesn't want to proceed after the free trial? 

That's OK! They can download all the content they gathered during the free trial so at a minimum, we may have helped them gather wonderful tributes and content they can keep forever. We keep the free trial accounts open for one year. After one year, if unlinked to a permanent tile, free trials are deleted.  

How much should I sell these for? 

As a wholesale partner, you are purchasing Memorial from us at a significant discount from retail. We sell the acrylic version to the public on our ecommerce site (shop.audiobiography.com) for $160. The porcelain medallion is $170. The porcelain tile is $190. And the digital version is $110. We don't dictate your retail price, but our intent is for you to be the preferred provider in your market. Meaning you price somewhat less than our online store (perhaps $5 or $10 less). This way the customer always comes to you. 

Should I charge my customers for installation? 

This is up to you, but we believe that would be expected. Whether installing superficially (using our outdoor bond + silicone) or recessing, we assume there is an additional charge for installation.