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Digital Memorial

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With our Digital Memorial we deliver a QR code to you digitally as an SVG. You can apply this QR code to anything, or provide the QR code file to any service provider (like perhaps a porcelain photo manufacturer to overlay the QR code onto a porcelain or steel photo). There are endless applications for the digital QR code.


How Memorial works for your customers:

Once they purchase a Memorial Tile they simply scan the code on the tile using their phones camera. No app is required. This will begin the setup process where they can assign a name, dates, owners and more (the setup process is super simple and we walk them through every step)

Customers can then add their own content, or share a link so others can contribute as well. Memorial is like an tribute wall, only much more accessible, sharable and personal.

Content that can be added includes:

  • obituary
  • name
  • important dates 
  • links to a personal Audiobiography, Facebook page, or Family Search

Anyone adding a new memory or tribute can add the following:

  • Unlimited pictures
  • Unlimited embedded videos
  • Unlimited audio recordings
  • Unlimited written stories and tributes

There are no ongoing fees, content can be downloaded at any time, and multiple tiles can be linked together if they want to keep one on a headstone and another in their home or similar.

How memorial works for you:

We recommend selling Memorials at $155 (we sell on our own site for $160).

For more information, please reach out.

(801) 477-7420

Here is a actual Memorial in use to get a feel of what this will look like for a customer.

On your first purchase we will also send you a free Display Kit you can put in your store to help customers learn about Audiobiography. Each kit includes a Memorial Coin that has been linked to a demo memorial, brochures, and a display that holds everything together. You can order more brochures or another display kit for free at any time.

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