Our growth so far, your new account center, and Mother’s Day! Let’s dive in.

Hooray! We’re now working with over 150 locations across the U.S.! That might sound like small potatoes, but having started with zero, we count it as a win 😀❤️🕺.

Since the day we launched Memorial, we’ve said that adding someone’s story to their headstone will soon be more common than adding their photo. And we stand by that. For the first time in history, technology has given us a way to keep someone’s memory alive. More families are asking about QR codes on headstones because it’s an obvious evolution and a common sense solution. We’re happy to be a leading part of the conversation.

As part of our recent growth, we’ve moved our entire platform over to Shopify. Here’s what you need to know:

You’ll shop and place all orders here: https://partners.audiobiography.com/. Even though you’ve ordered previously, you’ll need to create a new account with your next order. This takes only a few seconds. Your new account will not show your historical orders. If you need to access your historical orders for any reason, simply email us at support@audiobiogrpahy.com. All orders are safe and sound! Just not visible in our new home at Shopify.

Speaking of orders, Mother’s Day is a great time to pick up new product and announce it on social media, email lists, or however you share news with your clients. We have awesome styles to choose from. See them here.

Pro marketing tip >>>

Use the headline: “Transform your Mother’s monument into a living story this Mother’s Day”.And body content similar to this:“You can now add a life story to any headstone via our latest weatherproof QR Code plaques. They come in many styles to compliment any setting. Add unlimited stories, photos, videos, and audio recordings. Collaborate with family and friends to pay tribute to someone you love. Come see us today to learn more!”This headline and copy creates curiosity. You’ll be able to offer your customers a truly special way to find comfort this year.

Pro marketing tip ^^^

OK, that’s it from us. We’re here for ya! ❤️ Let us know how we can help, and please keep the feedback coming. It means the world to us.

Thank you,


The Memorial Team | Audiobiography

email: support@audiobiography.com

call or text: (801) 477-7420

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